The circular 5 mile walk starts and finishes at St. Luke’s Church, heading out into and through the Hallam moors to the west of Sheffield.

The walk is family friendly for those with young children, though it is not suitable for buggies. This walk goes out and back along Redmires Conduit, and around Redmires reservoirs via Redmires Road along the north side and the Yorkshire Water concessionary path along the south side.

5 mile detailed route description

  1. Turn left out of the church and right on to Blackbrook Road.
  2. Turn right at the footpath sign, where the railings are, and walk along the flat path (the conduit).
  3. At the end of this path cross the road and the path continues slightly to the right.
  4. At the end of this path turn left onto Soughley Lane and walk uphill (note no footpath). [1.5 miles]
  5. At the end of Soughley Lane, turn right onto the footpath. (M17)
  6. After about 50 yards turn left and follow the Yorkshire Water concessionary path along the south side of the reservoirs, with the water on your right. You start off close to the water, but half way along the path moves away from the water (You do not cross any of the dams; there are a couple of paths – all end up at the same point).
  7. On reaching the road at Redmires reservoirs, carry on along Long Causeway (continuation of Redmires Road). Beware of traffic on this road. (M14) Water Point
  8. After about a mile (at the end of the 2nd reservoir) turn right over a small stone stile and cross a small wooden bridge. (M15)
  9. The path bears slightly right, through the woods, along the wooden fence line. NB Open watercourse on left – take care; do not follow it.
  10. The path then comes out into a clearing and bears slightly right with a wire fence the left.
  11. At the end turn left down the path to the junction.
  12. At the junction turn right on the road between the houses.
  13. After the drive on the left (sold sign) take the footpath on the left over a wooden bridge. (M16)
  14. The path continues with a stone wall on the left and a wire fence on the right. Take the steps built into the wall and follow the path through the woods. You come to a wall straight ahead with a further set of steps in the wall. Take these steps and continue between 2 stone walls until you meet Soughley Lane. If you do not wish to take the steps built into the wall; carry straight on; the stone wall curves to the left to meet Soughley Lane, where you turn left, downhill. (M17)
  15. In either case take the footpath marked ‘walkers only’ and ‘no horses, no motorcycles’ through a metal squeeze gate to a wide gravel path.
  16. Follow this path (the conduit) to the next road.
  17. Cross over and take the footpath. At the end turn left to return to St. Luke’s church. [5/6 miles]. We hope you enjoyed the walk.

Any problems? – ring 0114 230 1624 – St. Luke’s church centre 12 mile route

Please note: the 12 mile and 16 mile route options, offered in previous years, is no longer available due to low numbers. If you are interested in a longer and more challenging walk, please consider the 9 or 17 mile routes on the Sheffield Night Hike.